Top Quality Care for Your Teeth

We treat your teeth as one of your most important assets. Your smile, the way you talk and healthy eating all depend on your teeth. Keeping your gums healthy also helps protect you from several serious diseases. We stay on the leading edge of the latest developments in dentistry to keep your teeth healthy.

Implants & Crowns

In a single visit we can restore damaged teeth with ceramic restorations. No more temporary crowns or additional visits. We take an optical impression with a digital camera, then use software to design a replacement. Next we mill the new tooth with computerized equipment right in our office. The whole procedure takes only a couple of hours. We use the same process to make crowns for implants. We coordinate with your implant surgeon to make your new teeth work, feel and look like the real thing.

Periodontal Care

Our periodontal services focus on healthy gums and other structures that support and surround your teeth. We are extremely thorough in measuring periodontal pockets which can help identify problems early for prompt treatment. Most periodontal problems respond well to thorough cleaning at our office as well as home care that we prescribe specifically for you.

Tooth Whitening

The things we eat and drink can cause teeth to lose their luster over the years. We can help restore your teeth to a natural pleasant sheen. We make a tray custom tted to your teeth and show you how to use the whitening preparation properly to achieve just the right level of brightness. It’s the safe and reliable way to get the most out of your smile.


Focus on Older Adults

Oral health can change significantly as we age. A frequent problem for people over 60 is a condition called dry mouth. The formal name for it is xerostomia. Salivary glands produce less as we age and numerous medications cause decreased saliva. Plaque can suddenly increase from the reduced antibacterial effect of saliva, leading to decay and inammation in the gums and mouth. It’s common for people who have maintained healthy teeth for decades to suddenly develop several new cavities due to a dry mouth. This can be a particular concern for people who retire here and transition from their dentist downstate to a local practice. We take extra care to watch for signs of dry mouth and help our older patients maintain oral well-being for a long and healthy retirement in Leelanau County.

High Tech Care

For the safety and comfort of our patients, we use digital x-rays, including our panoramic machine, to obtain high definition images at 1/10th the x-ray exposure of  films. We use all natural colored restorations, which look natural and have a supportive bond to the tooth. Our sterilization techniques are also state of the art.

Care for the Whole Family - at the Same Time

We have a staff of three full-time dental hygienists on duty during all office hours. Many of our families appreciate being able to have multiple family members have their cleaning appointments at one visit, saving on trips to our office. It’s one more way we can provide convenient and efficient service for busy families. And it saves on gas, too.