Imagine - A Crown In Just One Visit!


Innovation in dentistry has made tooth restoration easier, more convenient, more accurate and less worrisome. We are one of the first offices in the Grand Traverse area to use CEREC® equipment which enables us to create natural-looking ceramic crowns and veneers - in a single visit!

We use a digital camera to take an optical impression of the damaged tooth, design the appropriate restoration using CAD software and mill tooth-colored ceramic material on-site in about 15 minutes.  There's no need for a temporary and return visit. From tooth preparation to placement and bonding, you can have your smile restored in less than two hours.

While patients are most interested in the attractive quality of the final result and the time-saving approach, we like the fact that we can often save more of your natural tooth. Advanced bonding techniques and precise restoration design allow us to salvage more of the healthy tooth material, creating a stronger, more natural result.